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Meet Aloha

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The New Meet Aloha Collection

  • The Aloha Collection is here!
  • It’s a back-to-basics collection of aloha-inspired items we absolutely love.
  • See the entire collection here, then shop in-store for your new wardrobe.

Meet Aloha clothing

The Meet Aloha Collection is now available. Visit the store for more information.
We are so lucky. Mahina was born in Hawaii, a place surrounded by warm ocean waters, where you can share a beach with sleeping turtles, hike luscious forests, and best of all, where people are kind and happy. Lucky for us, too, that a lot of those kind, happy people happen to be women who love good style.
But there was a problem. Back in 2006, there were only a handful of boutiques that carried the beachy styles that Maui fashionistas loved and they were a bit pricey. So we had an idea: What if we were to open a shop and provide a carefully curated selection of lightweight, perfect-for-Hawaii clothing and accessories at prices that allowed women to look beautiful and still contribute to their investment account and their new-surfboard piggy bank?
The idea caught on with more than just Maui residents, so here we are over a decade later with fifteen stores located throughout the Hawaiian islands.
Enjoy our Beachtown Chic styles that will make you feel amazing, excited and most of all, as radiant as our Hawaiian sun.